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A Blog: The Start Up Journey

Updated: May 28, 2020

I remember coming across a blog by a CEO documenting his journey from starting his company to turning over $1 million and it was fascinating. Warts and all.

Actually, that's not entirely accurate. If I know copywriting and marketing, which I do, there were probably many edits but it was an honest and authentic look at the process he was going through.

If I’m still writing this when I make my first million I’ll be surprised but never say never! In keeping with the initial sentiment though, I thought I’d do this consultancy blog to help other people going through the process, thinking about it or even have a wish to happen in the future, whether that's in marketing or any other profession.

Who knows. Maybe it won’t help. Maybe it’ll just be egotistical drivel but if allows even one person to get inside the head of someone starting out on their own and helps them on their journey, I’m good with it.

I’m not that funny I’m afraid. Certainly not on paper but I will try and keep it fairly entertaining. Definitely honest and hopefully authentic.

Feel free to add your own experience, advice, tips, suggestions, jokes, whatever. It’s an outlet so happy to share with you too.

Lastly, a disclaimer. These ramblings are not meant to offend or bad mouth anyone. They are merely my feelings at the time of writing, an honest account of someone productising a decade of marketing experiences and skills to help small to medium tech businesses, and almost certain to change overtime and when viewed in hindsight!

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