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Just A Bunch of Headline Readers

Firstly, congratulations on actually making it into the article itself! It is a genuine challenge that many of us struggle with these days. Since the harnessing of the internet for marketing purposes, we are bombarded with information from multiple sources. We no longer have the time, the capacity or indeed, the inclination to delve in deeper.

We make split second judgements on whether the content that we have come across is worthy of our time. Is it click bait? Is it fake news? Do I trust the source?

Who has shared it?

What mood am I in?

Does the headline resonate with me?

And can I form an opinion or a valid argument based on that one line? i.e. does it give me enough information that I think I know what it's going to say.

Now, this all sounds like cynical journalism and perhaps it is but we are all products of a society that we also shape and mould to our desires and reactions.

So what does this mean for a business? Do we fight it to go back to what it used to be or do we work it to our advantage by looking for the opportunities? You know the answer!

We live in an era of numerous distractions and instant gratification and not just in the B2C arena but in B2B too. The methods are similar and in the B2B world, we don't have the luxury of the idle browser (N.B. the reader rather than the internet provider.)

It comes down to one thing. Knowledge.

Know what your audience needs, know your values, know where your audience is and know when to share it. Rising above the noise, also means frequency of message is important. And it's not about you, it's about your customers. We live in a time where information is so accessible. Harness that power and use it to your advantage. The art of marketing and standing out is a case of show not tell, and doing it often.

Content is still king. Make sure yours is engaging.

Location is important. Know where your audience is.

Repetition helps. Don't be afraid to re-share content.

How do you stand out from the crowd? What is important to you? Let us know in the comments.

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